【Premium tea - Chasane】5 elements tea (5-color assortment tea)

  • ¥1,200

・Five elements (five colors) tea is a new conceptual tea which balancing the body, mind and spirit based on the theory of five elements from natural philosophy of oriental medicine. Five elements tea gives you well-balanced state of mind and body same as after meditation work.



・Natural five colors (5 elements) are extracted from natural herbs that are correspond to five elements theory.

・Traditional Japanese ingredients(herbs, spices) are carefully selected to make the best balance and rich flavor.

・Caffeine free, No sweetener, preservatives, additives

・Net weight : 2.5g× 5 teabags


  1. [5 elements tea series] Butterfly Blue 〜for reducing stress〜
  2. [5 elements tea series] Cacao red 〜for sleep〜
  3. [5 elements tea series] Chamomile yellow 〜for digestion〜
  4. [5 elements tea series] Coco white〜for self healing〜
  5. [5 elements tea series] Cinnamon black 〜for energy〜