[5 elements tea series] Cacao red 〜for sleep〜

[5 elements tea series] Cacao red 〜for sleep〜

  • ¥1,200

Red tea works for Heart<心>.

Improve better blood flow and provide quality sleep.


Ingredients:cacao nibs, mulberry, red beans, Japanese basil, rooibos tea

  • [red beans/Adzuki]

    Adzuki is one of deeply related ingredients to food culture in Japan.

    Used as read rice for celebration ritual, must ingredient for Japanese

    traditional sweets. Adzuki has a very high detoxification effect,

    eliminating excessed water in the body and resolve swollenness.

    [Japanese basil]

    Japanese typical herb that is widely used when making pickled plum

    (ume-boshi). The fragrance of Japanese basil has preservative action

    and anti-bacterial action, so it is often added as a condiment or garnish

    for raw fish such as Sashimi.

What is Five Elements Theory?

The theory of five elements views that all things in the universe is divided into five elements of “Tree” “Fire” “Earth” “Metal” “Water”by its role and character.
Universe exist when the power of these five elements are well balanced to each other.We – human beings – are part of the Universe, thus, human’s body function can be divided in these five elements and each elements corresponds to肝(liver)、心(heart)、脾(spleen)肺(lung)、腎(kidney)of our body and mind.


What is Five Elements Tea?

Five elements (five colors) tea is a new conceptual tea which balancing the body, mind and spirit based on the theory of five elements from natural philosophy of oriental medicine.
Five elements tea gives you well-balanced state of mind and body same as after meditation work.
Blue tea is for reducing the stress, Red tea for bring relaxing state,Yellow tea is effective for fatigue recovery, White tea recover self healing power, Black tea uplift your vital force.


  • Blending various teas based on five elements theory in order to make a balance of body, mind and spirit.
  • Natural five colors (5 elements) are extracted from natural herbs that are correspond to five elements theory.
  • Five colors of five elements tea are associated with 5 elements of 「肝(liver)・心(heart)・脾(spleen)・肺(lung)・腎(kidney)」


  • Blended herbs at its best power can be absorbed into your body.
  • Traditional Japanese ingredients are carefully selected to make the best balance and rich flavor.
  • Select from five blends based on your (five) conditions of body, mind and spirit.
  • Caffeine free, No sweetener, preservatives, additives.